Best bear spray for camping

Bear spray for camping is the pressurized aerosol that contains around 2% capsaicinoids. It is the compounds that give peppers their typical hotness for the intense burning sensation to bear for coming near. Research for wildlife management shows that bear spray can stop brown, black, and polar bears.  Travelers people use bear spray in self-defense while walking as being uninjured either in camping or any other outdoor trips.

01. SABRE Frontiersman Spray

SABRE Frontiersman Spray

The only bear spray having an HPLC lab to assuring the maximum strength than police strength pepper spray to keep the bear away.  This 9.2 oz. bear spray bottle provides great protection even up to 35 feet.

However, it rapidly deploys the thick fog of 1.84 oz (52 grams) per 1-second burst to increase your safety by creating a barrier between you and the bear. It is E.P.A. and Health Canada approved bear spray for camping. It is greatly environmentally friendly bear spray effective against all types of bears to guards your perfectly.

SABRE debilitates a bear’s ability to see or smell although causing no injury. It is safe to use in camping because of non-flammable and ozone-depleting chemicals.

02. Personal Security Bear Spray

Personal Security Bear Spray

“Mace” is pepper bear spray for fun-filled camping. It contains a powerful formula with fast delivery systems to keep bear away and other outdoor threats. Also offers advanced safety features to ensure the ultimate protection and peace of mind while camping. It gives the heavy power fogger spray with long-range protection up to 20 ft.

Although, this bear safe spray is formulated with natural ingredients of hot peppers with EPA regulated. It gives the engorge results at the bear’s eyes, nose, and lungs. Even these sprays can cause temporary vision loss, limit breathing, and also burning sensation to keep the bear away from you.

The Mace Brand Bear Spray empties in 9 seconds making it an essential accessory for hiking, climbing, camping, biking, and other outdoor activities in bear country.

Moreover, The Mace Brand Bear Spray for camping possesses a finger loop handle with a safety clip for easy carryings. Simply, pull off the orange upper safety wedge grip and spay it by pressing down with the top actuator button of the handgrip.

03. Counter Assault – EPA Certified Bear Repellent Spray

Counter Assault - EPA Certified Bear Repellent Spray

The counter Assault features 2% capsaicin and associated capsaicinoid products to disable a bear’s abilities to smell, and see. While this formula is effective to all 8 species of bear even polar bears as well.

However, this spray lasts longer than any other bear spray of the same-sized bottle. As it is the only bear spray for camping with all EPA requirements with authentic certification. Counter Assault is the only bear pepper spray for clean air by avoiding ozone-depleting substances.

04. Magnum Pepper Spray UDAP – 7.9 oz.

Magnum Pepper Spray UDAP - 7.9 oz.

UDAP is a renounced name in the industry manufacturing the most effective bear repellent spray. As it is effective against all 8 major species of bears even polar bears up to 40 feet.

But you will find the three advantages 1) this bear spray gives to person a reason for not running. 2) The sudden and loud hissing spray sound and flowing cloud shocks bears. 3) this red-colored pepper extract is a strong irritant for bears including polar bears as well. the extract is a strong irritant, as observed with bears that have been sprayed

Furthermore, the UDAP Pepper Bear Sprays install a high volume strong blast of highly intense pepper spray with a dense fog. It provides covering a wider area in a short period.

05. Guard Alaska Spray with Nylon Holster

Guard Alaska Spray with Nylon Holster

Guard Alaska was intensively tested and the most effective bear repellent spray. It is even registered with the EPA for all species of bears. The bear spray for camping discharges 9 ounces of bear protection in 9 seconds, or can also be fired in bursts. It releases the thick fog spray up to 15-20 feet quickly overwhelming to attacking bear with maximum effectiveness.

Moreover, this bear spray doesn’t contain flammable or ozone diminishing materials. It is also EPA certified bear spray effectively against all bear species. The Guard Alaska Bear Spray formula is systematically proven superior and endorsed by Alaska Science & Technology Foundation.

06. Udap Bear Spray for Camping

Udap Bear Spray for Camping

Udap Pepper spray efficiently gives a dense fog spray to produce large amounts of OC on to bear. The heavy fog offers improved range, wide spray pattern, and inhalable spray particle size with effective aerosol tools to attack bears. Simply by the feature of its ability to diffuse large amounts of OC into the area. Also, Contains an exclusive Griz Guard Holster.

07. Frontiersman Bear Spray with Holster

Frontiersman Bear Spray with Holster

Frontiersman Bear Spray features 30% more hotness than any other spray.  As, 2.0% CRC composition with maximum EPA. It is a field-approved and even certified from Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska.  However, it is ultimately effective in extreme temperatures but never freeze in high temperatures. Its glow while in dark protection mechanism permits outdoorsmen to find containers even in the dark. But specific tie addition prevents misplacement of safety devices.

08. Mace Brand Maximum Strength Bear Spray

Mace Brand Maximum Strength Bear Spray

Mace bear spray for camping is 100% secure with EPA certification. This bear spray gives off the powerful dense spray. It empties in 6 seconds. It is effective in spraying the bear away from you even up to 35 ft. it is perfectly safe to use but only temporarily disables the sense of smell and sight of the bear.

09. SABRE RED Crossfire Pepper Gel Spray

SABRE RED Crossfire Pepper Gel Spray

SABRE’s are professionally graded OC Spray in HPLC lab testing that guarantees maximum heat and stopping strength in every burst. However, this Pepper spray gel never atomizer similar to traditional pepper spray. It can deploy in a strong stream with a 20% greater range. It can affect the targeted bear only and virtually removes wind blowback. Also convenient for indoors use.

Moreover, it is 1.8 oz. pepper gel gives 18 bursts with Crossfire technology. It also has a handle clip with a compact tactical model for convenience.

10. Trail Saver Pepper Spray for Hiking, Camping

Trail Saver Pepper Spray for Hiking, Camping

The Trail Saver pepper spray is the perfect hiking, camping, and trail partner that can pack a punch. It is made with the most rugged conditions providing maximum protection while hiking or camping. It is 4 ounces pepper spray bottle that sprays up to 25 feet with a quick operation. The bear spray contains a tough, durable neoprene holder with a leather back. But also has a heavy-duty metal belt clip.

Although, it contains a climbing clip perfect for backpacks because of a clip. Also, a safety whistle to signal for helping and a small LED light and emergency compass as well.


Self-defense is always a priority. While the bear spray for camping the best choice in outdoor activities. These sprays offer great protection against all kinds of bears.

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