Best hiking sandals for men

In summer only a good pair of men’s sandals can be a good companion during hiking. If you love adventurous tours then you must consider investing in a high-quality hiking sandal. Hiking boots can not provide enough comfort and support on hot summer days. As they are heavy or warmer for sunny days but these are lighter and provide ventilation to your feet from overheating. There’s an overwhelming number of hiking sandals are available but hikers have possibly found out the hard and many don’t live up to their claims. For solving your problem, I have made w list of the 10 best quality men sandals that are best for hiking and provides comfort during the journey. 

01. KEEN Men’s Newport Hydro-M Sandal

KEEN Men's Newport Hydro-M Sandal

Keen men’s sandals are best for those men who occasionally go out for hiking or adventurous tours. It is perfect for hiking in streams or near water as it is waterproof. Keen men sandal has a top webbed that is washable and made of sturdy material. It provides extra protection around the toes and it is polyester padded webbing makes your journey comfortable. During summers, sweating is common but don’t worry its antibacterial footbed control the moisture and odour and makes your feet dry and refreshing. Its rubber sole is also reliable that can cover long distances easily and without damage. You can wash these sandals into a machine as well. Just put a small amount of detergent and wash on gentle cycle and air dry. 

02. Teva Men’s M Hurricane XLT2 Sport Sandal

Teva Men's M Hurricane XLT2 Sport Sandal

Teva men sports sandal is best for hiking. These are made with nylon textile that supports your feet on uneven tracks and provides stability as well. Its rugged rubber outsole supplies great grip on any track. It is lightweight and embedded with an EVA-foam midsole that provides extra cushioning to your feet for maximum comfort. Its footbed and webbing polyester stand quickly dries after getting wet. 

03. Merrell Men’s Kahuna 4 Strap Hiking Sandal

Merrell Men's Kahuna 4 Strap Hiking Sandal

Merrell men’s sandals are made with suede and mesh top. The performance of this hiking sandal is excellent as it has specifically designed for hikers. This sandal is easily adjustable through a hook and loop closure system. It has a Neoprene lining that makes your footbed more comfortable than ordinary sandals. By wearing this versatile sandal, you’ll stay secure and comfortable for long miles. Moreover, it has an EVA foam midsole that provides extra stability to your footwear and its Merrell air pad absorbs sweating keeps your feet dry and stable on any track.

04. Chaco Men’s Z2 Classic Sport Sandal

Chaco Men's Z2 Classic Sport Sandal

Chaco’s Classic design has been selecting by adventurous people since 1989. Its adjustable straps provide an extremely custom fit and rubber soles deliver the best grip to nay track. Chaco men sandals are made for hiking tracks and it is sturdy and trendy. If you don’t believe me, check out the brand’s Instagram, you’ll find tourists, concert-goers, and rock hikers are using these sandals from all around the world. Its Polyester jacquard webbing upper wrap is stunning that has a midsole along with a toe loop for a secure fit for a customized fit. Additionally, it’s antimicrobial layering for odour control. 

05. ECCO Men’s Offroad 4-Strap Sandal Multisport Outdoor Shoes

ECCO Men's Offroad 4-Strap Sandal Multisport Outdoor Shoes

Ecco men sandals are best for adventurous hiking tours. Its design is very supportive as its footbed is covered with microfibers that provide a comfortable feeling. The rubber sole is ideal for stability and grip. Moreover, it has two adjustment points that make it super and durable for long terrain. It is the lightweight and supportive sandal that delivers superior everyday walking comfort on and off the track.

06. Columbia Men’s Santiam 2 Strap All Terrain Sandal

Columbia Men’s Santiam 2 Strap All Terrain Sandal

Columbia men’s terrain sandals are comfortable for hiking, walking, riding, or even any outdoor activity. It has made with a mixture of leather and synthetic material. This lightweight two-strapped sandal is designed for ultimate comfort and airflow. Plus, it has two ports built into the midsole to drain water. this water-resistant sandal has suede leather that is specially designed to cover uneven places. Besides durability, it is also available in less price than other sandals. 

07. CAMEL CROWN Men’s Hiking Sandals Waterproof with Arch Support

CAMEL CROWN Men's Hiking Sandals Waterproof with Arch Support

Camel crown hiking sandals for men deliver support and stability is super comfortable for, trekking walking, or doing athletics. It has designed with three Straps that have easy hook and loop closure that ensures a secure fit and maximum support. Its midsole has crafted with bouncy MD that can absorb shock when landing on the ground. This footbed has dense anti-slip triangle designs to avert slipping and rapidly dry after getting wet. This footwear is popular for durability and better ground-gripping. Camel crown sandals are the perfect companion for performing different sports activities. 

08. Skechers Men’s Louden Sandal

Skechers Men's Louden Sandal

Sketcher’s men’s sandals are made with a synthetic material that provides comfort during hiking or adventurous activities. This sandal is fit for summer outdoor activities as it provides a custom fit. It has two adjustable hook-and-loop straps and a memory foam-cushioned footbed that delivers relief in any outdoor tour. You can go anywhere on any rough track; you will not become tired after all long days wearing it. It is super lightweight and best for outdoor. 

09. Brown Oak Men’s Waterproof Hiking Sandals

Brown Oak Men's Waterproof Hiking Sandals

Brown Oak men hiking sandals are the best gear for hiking, trekking, and adventurous activities. Its multi-functional sandal’s sole delivers great arch support and guarantees reliable traction as well. Additionally, its cushioned brushed EVA insole has shock absorption quality. It is lightweight, soft, and breathable that is the perfect friend for summer adventures. It will remain reliable and sturdy wherever you go, from river portaging to sidewalk strolling, its water-resistant upper makes it a loyal companion for any journey. Plus, it is also stylish and elegant, you can wear it anywhere. 

10. ATIKA Men’s Outdoor Hiking Sandals

ATIKA Men's Outdoor Hiking Sandals

Atika men footwear has designed with multi-Layer Toecap protection that keeps your feet secure and safe from blisters. It has a rubber outsole and shock absorption midsole provides relief and stability to your feet. Its outer layer has made with nylon that is waterproof and you can wear it in a wet area as well without any fear of damage. Atika men sandals have an elegant design that covers your feet fully and also look stylish in adventurous and hiking tours. 


Men hiking sandals are designed particularly for adventurous outdoors. These sandals also have exclusive features like stability, durability, extra comfort and antibacterial footbed, etc. If you are searching for the best men’s sandals then you should consider these all brands as they are famous for making durable and robust items that become a good companion in any uneven journey.

Last Updated on May 10, 2021 by Gear Inside