Best luggage locks for travel 2021

During travel, luggage locks keep your bags secure. If you want to save during the journey, I’d suggest you invest to buy TSA-approved luggage locks for travel. They’re low-cost, easy-to-use, and most significantly, they’ll keep your stuff safe. these locks not only save your belongings in the journey but also, in the hotel or hostel room as well. There are numerous high-security luggage locks are available in the market. This article will help you in choosing the right one for you that will be affordable for you. These are the best luggage locks for international travel.

01. Forge Cable Luggage Lock

Forge Cable Luggage Lock

Forge cable luggage locks are the best for international travel as they have designed with durable material. It has embedded with tightly braided and sheathed steel cables that ensure reliability on our product. These combination locks have an easy-to-use lever mechanism to set them. Simply set the locks to flip the lever with a pen and enter your mixture. It can also be changed whenever you want. This lock is enough thin that can be fixed in any suitcase and backpack easily and provide extra protection to your belongings.

02. Lewis N. Clark Luggage Lock

Lewis N. Clark Luggage Lock

Lewis N. Clark luggage locks have four feet of coated steel cable that can protect multiple bags together and best for international travel. During travel, you don’t need to care about your different items as this sturdy lock keeps your things together and keep safe from stealing. It has designed with a 3-Dial combination lock system that helps you to access your items easily. Now you don’t need to take the tension of losing keys, this keyless lock works better than the ordinary lock. It provides better security of your stuff and saves it from thieves. It has a 48-inch flexible, coated steel cable with smart lock technology to keep your luggage or laptop bag secure everywhere. If you are planning for your next international tour then you must consider the best compression packing bags for travel.

03. Talonport Luggage Locks

Talonport Luggage Locks

Talonport luggage locks are long-lasting and sturdy that keep your belongings safe during international travel. These locks are durable and the company is giving a guarantee that they will work a lifetime. It fits in any of your travel baggage easily. This lock has four card keys, if it will be misplaced then the company will send you a free replacement of it. Now you don’t need to carry bulky keys or remember a combination. It is the most reliable lock that thieves break as it has a nonpickable design. Merely place your card into the lock and it will open automatically. This lock is suitable for suitcases, backpacks, and whatever you want to use.

04. Anvil TSA Approved Luggage Lock

Anvil TSA Approved Luggage Lock

This luggage lock has designed with an ultra-durable zinc alloy body and tough steel bond that ensures your luggage security everywhere. With a simple twist and push of the bond, you can set your combination easily within minutes. For security purposes, you can change the pattern or combination whenever you want. This lock has four digits that make it harder for thieves to crack your combination. You can remember it easily this combination to set your pin or the year you were born. Anvil TSA luggage locks are best for international travel.

05. Travel Luggage Cable Locks

Travel Luggage Cable Locks

Travoce luggage cable locks have sturdy material that is unbreakable and best for international travel. It uses the TSA 007 master key that is known as the best in the world and supported many countries. This is a versatile lock that has multiple advantages. It has designed with a looped length of 1.5 inches and a cable diameter of 1/8th inch that works great on all standard size zippers. It is suitable for hard gear cases, gun cases, closets, backpacks, and many other containers. This complicated combination setting procedure minimizes the risk of stealing. Setting the combination on our cable TSA locks is thru with the simple flick of a switch that takes less time. You can use it with a fingernail or a pen to flick the switch and then enter your combination, when you have done again flick the switchback.

06. Nanuk TSA Approved Case Lock

Nanuk TSA Approved Case Lock

Nanuk TSA luggage locks have been designed with the three-dial combination that offers the security of a padlock and best for international travel. This is easily installable and fits all our Nanuk, case models. Its silicon tether keeps the lock and the tough steel shackle ensures the sturdiness. This is a durable luggage lock that can be used for a long time.

07. Brinks TSA Approved Luggage Lock

Brinks TSA Approved Luggage Lock

Brinks TSA-approved luggage locks have solid brass that is best for international travel. It is a high-quality lock that helps to secure your things outside of the house safe and sound. These 20mm locks have been enhanced by a chrome-plated steel shackle that is durable. Airport security can open, examine and re-secure your luggage without damaging the lock. It is suitable for all types of luggage, backpacks, and briefcases. You can purchase either two or four-pack all input alike.

08. American Tourister Luggage Lock

American Tourister Luggage Lock

American Tourister luggage locks appealing because of its versatile look as it has designed with iconic Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse character. It is a sturdy lock that has smooth-turning dials that you can easily read and operate. It has made with zinc alloy to withstand the rigors of baggage handling conveniently. Its flexible and stainless-steel cable rings through zipper pullers.

09. ZHEGE Luggage Locks

ZHEGE Luggage Locks

Zhege luggage locks are sturdy and durable which is best for international travel. This lock allows TSA screeners to unlock and examine your baggage with an authorized master key and your belongings will be saved here. Its combination code is very reliable and convenient, you can set the password according to your choice. Plus, you can change the password how many times you want. Now you don’t need to carry your keys everywhere. It is one of the solid and lightweight luggage locks that has a compact body and is made with zinc alloy. This lock is highly flexible that can be fit in any luggage bag, suitcase, and backpack easily, and provide you better protection for your belongings.

10. SwissGear TSA-Approved Travel Luggage Locks

SwissGear TSA-Approved Travel Luggage Locks

SwissGear approved travel luggage locks are best that can be opened and re-locked by TSA screeners. It is easy and reliable and doesn’t need to remember combination codes, as it has easy to use a key kick. It provides better protection to your belonging, even if it is out of your sight as well. This set has two luggage lock and its keys that are perfect for security.


These TSA-approved luggage locks can fulfill the needs of your belonging’s security. No matter, what is your budget, it can meet all your requirements. These are made with sturdy and reliable material that can’t be broken easily. So, before international travel always purchases trustworthy branded TSA luggage locks that protect your stuff, even it is away from your eyes. This list of ten best quality luggage locks for international travel is considered trustworthy as it is using all over the world. So, you can choose without worry for your security purposes.

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