Best luggage scale for travel 2021

As you know, you can’t carry and everything during travel. You can carry just restricted weight with you so, the luggage scale helps you to analyze the weight that you can carry during travel. We have researched a lot and compiled and list of the ten best luggage scales for travel that will be helpful to you in 2021.

01. Etekcity Hanging Luggage Scales

Etekcity Hanging Luggage Scales

Etekcity hanging luggage scale is considered the best for travel in 2021. This scale has high quality blue backlit LCD that can analyze the result in different weight units like kilograms, grams, pounds, ounces. It is light-weight, small in volume, and convenient to carry. Through a button operation, you can turn on the scales and change the weight units according to your need. It has embedded a high-accuracy strain sensor system with rubber paint that provides the precise result. It is perfect for domestic, business, travel, or outdoor activities.

This scale has made with sturdy and durable material that can carry your luggage conveniently. Plus, it has a reliable belt that is unbreakable and can hold up to 110lb weight easily. It is a valuable item that can prevent the extra charges that you have to pay at airports for analyzing the weight. Moreover, it helps you to face the upcoming worries. This luggage scale runs with a battery, when the battery of scale will be low this will indicate you automatically before turning it off.

02. Letsfit Digital Luggage Scale

Letsfit Digital Luggage Scale

Letsfit digital luggage scale is best for international travel. It is super slim, that easily fits into your bag or purse and you can carry it easily. This portable handy scale can be your perfect travel companion as it always provides accurate results. It has made with robust material that can carry weight easily as it has a metal handle. It has a clear backlit LCD that shows the accurate result in every use. This luggage scale has a contoured shape for a secure grip that is perfect for outdoor tours. Due to its flexible strap with secure metal joining that is long-lasting.

03. Camry Digital Luggage Scale

Camry Digital Luggage Scale

Camry digital luggage scale is sleek, small, and handy which is best for travel. Now you don’t need to purchase heavyweight analyzers for detecting weight. It is digital that is better than ordinary luggage weight that determines the weight in scaling and what you want. It is lightweight, so you can store it easily in your handbag as well and convenient for travel. With the rubber paint grip, it gives an easy grasp during scaling the weight of your luggage or package anytime and anywhere in the time of need. Now you don’t need to the check-in counter, save your hard-earned money, and travel with peace of mind and confidence with this Camry digital luggage scale. It has a 1.4″ LCD that works at room temperature. As it works through the battery so always indicate you before turning it off.

04. FREETOO Luggage Scale

FREETOO Luggage Scale

Freetoo luggage scale has been designed with a backlit LCD that is best for international travel in 2021. As it helps to analyze the accurate result about the weight of your luggage and saves you from the worries at the airport about the excess weight. Its LCD helps you determine the scale in the darkness too. This sturdy luggage scale can carry up to 110lb easily. It has used an energy-saving setting that will auto-off in the 60s and indicates before the lowness of battery and overloading. This is highly compact and lightweight that you can easily carry in your pocket as well. Its superior piano lacquer handle surface is made with high-quality material that is anti-scratch and will not fade for long service life.

05. Luxebell Digital Luggage Scale

Luxebell Digital Luggage Scale

Luxeball digital luggage scale has made with plastic that is resistance structured rubber handle which offers powerful durability to withstand the heavyweight of the luggage. It also saves the unexpected overweight luggage fees in the airport. It can carry up to 50kg weight, so, you can check your luggage’s weight without worry. It has designed with auto functioning that has auto-lock display and long-life lithium battery. This scale is handy and lightweight that can be easily accommodated in your pocket and handbag.

06. Travel Inspira hanging luggage scale

Travel Inspira hanging luggage scale

Travel hanging luggage scale helps you to prevent overweight charges during travel in the airport. It has the capacity of holding the 110lb weight conveniently and without worry. This sturdy weight scale has designed with a backlight LCD that shows always accurate result and its powerful handle provide a comfortable grip during weighting anything. Its reading can be read in dim light or darkness as well. As it works with a battery so, in case of low battery and overload material, it will indication before. As it has a low battery and overweight reminder. Its protective carrying case keeps your scale safe and sound always and due to its lightweight, you can carry it easily anywhere and store it in your purse. If you are making a plan for international travel then consider the slip-on shoes for speeding through security in the airport.

07. SHANJE Luggage Scale

SHANJE Luggage Scale

SHANJE digital luggage scale is best for travel and outdoor activities. It runs through a battery that’s why you can use it easily anywhere. Its unit of measurement can be switched easily into kilograms, grams, pounds, ounces according to your needs through just one click button. This scale has made with high-quality material that s long-lasting and durable. Its LCD always shows your result clear and readable. It has made with a stainless steel surface that is best for hanging anything comfortably.

08. Victorinox Digital Luggage Scale

Victorinox Digital Luggage Scale

Victorinox digital luggage scale is around 12 pounds that you can carry easily in your handbag and pocket during travel. It has made with good quality material that remains stable while weighing anything up to 110 pounds. So, try to just measure the suitable pounds that have been recommended. In case of overweightness, its LCD will alert you about it. You can get the result in kilograms, grams, pounds, ounces anything you desire or need.

09. Accuoz Rechargeable Digital Luggage Scale

Accuoz Rechargeable Digital Luggage Scale

Accuoz rechargeable digital scale runs through battery so, in time of need, you can recharge it easily anywhere. This luggage scale is considered the best because of using worldwide. It can hold up to a 110-pound weight easily. Its LCD always shows accurate results. Now you don’t need to pay at the airport extra charges for determining the weight of your luggage. It helps you in picking the precise thing for travel. It can be charged with a USB port that is using commonly anywhere.

10. YYGJ Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

YYGJ Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

YYGJ digital hanging luggage scale is one of the for-travel purposes in 2021. This portable fishing scale can determine all types of scaling easily and its sturdy hook provide enough support to carry the weight up to 100lb. Through its grasping handle, you can analyze any weighty thing easily. Its electronic digital scale will automatically save the reading when your data will be stable. This scale has been designed with a high precision strain gauge sensors system that always provides accurate reading and long-lasting for use. Due to its sleek and ergonomic design, it easily fits in your hand.


I hope this listed luggage scale information will help you in selecting the best one for your travel purposes. These luggage scales have been selected after a lot of research so, you can purchase them without worry.

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