Best luggage tags 2021

Are you searching for a new luggage tag for your belongings? Then you should consider these ten best quality luggage tags in 2021. These assist in quick detecting; you can write on these tags your details as it has enough space. It helps you to avoid the misplacing of your luggage and belongings during travel. Good luggage tags can be designed with tear-resistant material, such as leather, plastic, or even metal.

01. TravelMore Luggage Tags

TravelMore Luggage Tags

TravelMore is famous for making luggage tags, in this package you will get a set of 7 assorted bag tags for travelling anywhere. You can attach it with suitcases, baggage, carry-ons, cruise ships, handbags, sports items even with anything. These high-quality ID label tags are designed from a tough and flexible PVC silicone material that will not become damaged by rough usage. In these tags, you can add your contact details on the name card or can include your business card for easy identification. It is available in different bright colours that are easily recognizable.

02. Dinkleboo Personalized Bag Tags

Dinkleboo Personalized Bag Tags

Dinkleboo bag tags are best for travelling bags or suitcases. These are available in a variety of fun designs for both boys and girls. You can pick according to your choice. These tags are made with durable plastic and include a strong soft plastic tie for attachment. You can add your details on this tag, in this way you will easily identify your bag during checking at airports.

03. Travelambo Leather Luggage Bag Case Tags

Travelambo Leather Luggage Bag Case Tags

Travelambo luggage tags are made with high-quality polyurethane leather. These are eco-friendly and can meet the needs of the user. Its buckle has made with stainless steel material that is sturdy and reliable. The length of the strap of the tag is adjustable, you can extend it to make it easier to attach the tags to big things. This tag has two printed sides for information where you can add your address or contact details. It has a privacy flap that can protect your personal information outdoors. By flipping slightly, you can confirm it is yours or not.

4. Initial Luggage Tag

Initial Luggage Tag

Initial luggage tags are made with high-quality rubber with steel loops. You can write on both sides of the tag. These tags have a privacy cover that protects your information or contact details from thieves. It is sturdy and reliable you can use it multiple times.  The flexible material of the tag prevents damage and misplaced as well. Its rubber material is easily cleanable.

5. Casmonal Luggage Tags

Casmonal Luggage Tags

Casmonal luggage tags are made with sturdy material that’s why best for every type of belongings and bag. The material of the tag is Faux Leather that is of high quality and loops are made with steel that confirms the reliability. This card helps you to hide your information from thieves as it has a cover. Its material is also flexible that is bendable and prevents breaking and damaging the tags.

06. Teskyer Premium PU Leather Luggage Tags

Teskyer Premium PU Leather Luggage Tags

Teskyer premium PU tags are made with polyurethane leather that is eco-friendly, soft, and durable. You can use it for a long time as it is reliable. You can use both sides for adding your personal information and contact details. The best thing about this tag is that you will get an extra card by purchasing this tag. There is a round spring snap on the bottom of the strap, you can adjust it by pressing the spring ring and put in the strap. This tag has a flap cover that saves your private information from thieves and misuse. Moreover, this tag is waterproof, it will be safe in the rain.

07. Miamica Mr and Mrs Bridal Luggage Tags

Miamica Mr and Mrs Bridal Luggage Tags

Miamica Mr and Mrs Bridal luggage tags are unique and elegant as they have designed with black embroidered leather. Label your luggage bags with these elegant tags it will make your travel bags different from others. You’ll identify your suitcases with these elegant tags rapidly. Its material is robust and durable as it has a strong buckle that secures your luggage during security checkups. Its privacy flip covers save your contact information from others. These Miamica luggage tags are so elegant and attractive, you can present them to anyone as a gift.

08. Northern Safari Custom Name Tape Luggage Tags

Northern Safari Custom Name Tape Luggage Tags

Northern safari custom luggage tags are made with high-quality material. This tag has designed with font colour embroidery that looks different from other ordinary tags. These tags look different and unique among other tags, so you can identify your bag from a distance as well. Northern Safari tags are the best and sturdy tags, you can use them for long period.

09. OVOV Unique Summer Beach Series Luggage Tag

OVOV Unique Summer Beach Series Luggage Tag

OVOV unique summer beach luggage tags have come in a pack of four sturdy rubber materials. The material of the tag is reliable and high quality that is flexible, soft, and durable. These tags have a unique design and bright vigilant colours that make it easy for you to identify them from others. Its transparent and waterproof colour keeps safe your information safe on rainy days. It is adjustable in any bag or suitcase easily.

10. Chelmon Luggage Tags

Chelmon Luggage Tags

Chelmon luggage tags are designed with a unique colour scheme that you can identify easily anywhere. Its material is sturdy and high quality as its loops are made with a thicker and stronger material than the average tags in the current market.  You can choose this tag without worry as these tags can survive the longest distance trip with you. These are reliable and durable and keeps your information safe from thieves.


Reckoning out the best luggage tags that will be fit for your next trip goes so far beyond just what it seems like. These all-listed tags have made with durable and high-quality material that remains robust and keep your information safe. You can choose anyone without worry. These tags help you to identify your travel bag easily during a security check-up. I hope this information will be helpful to you.

Last Updated on May 11, 2021 by Gear Inside