10 Best mens swim trunks

Warmer weather is here now. As we have gone through the snowiest winters and it’s time to take out the summer clothes. With summer clothes men’s swim trunk comes to mind first. The swim trunks help to legs breathe again. If the old pairs of trunks are no longer fit or are even completely trashed. Then it’s time to buy the best new and trendy men’s swim trunks providing extreme comfort. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best mens swim trunks from our favorite brands. In old days the men’s swim trunks were uniform, with some cute, materials and patterns but you will find a wide variety in colors, materials, and patterns according to your choice.

01. Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda

Kanu Surf Men's Barracuda - best mens swim trunks

Kanu surf is the favorite brand of best mens swim trunks since 1997. With this brand, you can find a variety of swim trunks, boardshorts, rashguards, and swim shirts.

However, the Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunks are the best due to the crafting of 100% Polyester to deliver extreme comfort.  The drawstring closure helps to fit perfectly around the waist.  But this men’s swim trunk features an elastic waistband and contrasting side strips for more upright holdings.  It also has two-sided pockets to keep your mobile phone, keys, and others so as not to be lost during your activity. These men’s swim trunks are ideal for beach volleyball, sunbathing, and much more outdoor summer activities.

02. MaaMgic Men’s Swim Trunks

MaaMgic best mens swim trunks

MaaMagic swim trunks are manufactured with 100% polyester and ultra-quick dry fabric. This fabric is breathable, lightweight, soft, and comfortable. Although, it features an elastic waistband with straw string closure for convenient wearing. It has pockets on both sides of shorts to store wallets, keys, cell phones, or any other small gear.  Also, one back pocket with Velcro tape and mesh lining for quick draining. Moreover, MaaMagic men’s swim trunks are slim-fit trunks ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities. Including swimming, surfing, running or relaxing on the beach or just at home. So you can find it in a variety of colors, designs like pineapple swim shorts, Hawaii plaid printing, and much more.  There are many styles for you to choose from.

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03. Nonwe Men’s Swim Trunks

Nonwe best mens swim trunks

Like other best mens swim trunks made of 100% imported polyester.  Nonwe men’s swim trunks are soft water fabric to give premium comfort and breathability. It has a drawstring closure and elastic waistband for a slim fit comfort. Plus, these shorts have two side pockets to store your wallet, keys, and other small items. These shorts are amazingly a summer choice with knee-length about 18.5″-19.5″. It is ideally suitable for holidays and daily wear. You can find these swim trunks in a variety of colors, and designs but much different from other ordinary trunks.

04. Nike Men’s Solid Lap 7″ Volley Short

Nike Men's Solid Lap 7" Volley Short

These best mens swim trunks are composed of 100% imported Polyester. Nike Men’s solid lap7’’ volley short swim trunk is easy to wash and even quick dries because of the breathable cotton fabric. However, they have an elastic waistband with drawstring cords for a comfortable and custom fit. These swim trunk crafted with mesh brief enhances comfort and support. The one seam pocket with mesh pocket bags to drain water and an internal pocket for small items. These swim shorts are water repel water splashes with excess moisture.  The Nike Men’s Solid Lap 7″ Volley Short Swim Trunk is simple vibrant colorful shorts but looks different and more versatile than other ordinary shorts.

05. HODOSPORTS Best mens swim trunks Quick Dry with Mesh Lining

HODOSPORTS Men's Swim Trunks Quick Dry with Mesh Lining

HODOSPORTS are the best mens swim trunks consisting of washable imported Polyester. They are perfectly 9’’ up to knees. These are superior supports and keep you cool in hot summers because of mesh breathable lining.  The fabric of the shorts is lightweight, comfortable, and even dries perfectly for suitable beach and water activities. However, these HODOSPORTS swim trunks are multi-functional for daily, holiday, and beach activities. They are highly stretchable for costume fit comfort and durability.

06. SILKWORLD Men’s TrunkQuick Dry Shorts with Pockets

SILKWORLD Men's TrunkQuick Dry Shorts with Pockets

Like other swim trunks contains Polyester.  SILKWORLD are the best mens swim trunks that deliver softness and durability. The inner mesh linings resist water and offer ultra-comfort. These SILKWORLD swim trunks are ultimately versatile, reliable fit but most importantly, offer a variety of colors in high-quality fabric. Although, the super soft fabric keeps you cool and comfortable by resisting water and sand to stick into your shorts. Plus, the elastic waistband with drawstring contains dimensional cuts, and the flatlock also adds softness without irritating skin.

Moreover, SILKWORLD trunks have double-sided pockets and one-back Velcro pockets to store wallets, keys, cellphones, and other small gears. They come in all sizes for all body shapes and sizes. These are perfectly suitable for all kinds of adventures or water activities.

07. Calvin Klein Men’s 7 Inch Elastic Waist Quick Dry

Calvin Klein Men's 7 Inch Elastic Waist Quick Dry

Calvin Klein is serving the world since long ago with durable, comfortable clothing and other gear. These are the best mens swim trunks with imported fabric and the elastic waistband with adjusting drawstring cords.  These swim shorts have two exterior hand pockets and a back pocket with Velcro closing. However, the inner pocket offers additional storage and security to small gears.  These swim trunks dry quickly because of the inner mesh and breathable linings. 

08. Nautica Men’s Solid Quick Dry Classic Logo Trunk

Nautica Men's Solid Quick Dry Classic Logo Trunk

Nautica is a nylon lining with polyester mens swim trunks. These are solid woven shorts featuring with elastic waistband. Moreover, it has the hook and loops rear brand embroidered pockets. They can easily washable into machines by ensuring durability and comfort. Moreover, They offer quick-drying quality for convenient use. these trunks are perfect for a beach day, swimming activity, or any other adventures in summer.

09. Tyhengta Best Mens Swim Trunks

Tyhengta is the best mens swim trunk found in the Tyhengta store. As they are a blend of polyester and spandex to ensure durability and comfort together.  These swim trunks have an elastic stretch waistband and drawstring closure for costume fit.  This fabric keeps you ventilated, dry and flexible all day long. It is a highly lightweight pair of shorts for efficient workouts.  However, the 4 way penal ensures snug-fitting while improving moves. furthermore, it has zippered mesh lining pockets for safe storage.

10. Speedo Mid Length Redondo Solid

Speedo Mid Length Redondo Solid

Speedo is the swim trunk with Polyester blendings. It is easy to even wash at hands to ensure its durability and fresh looks. Speedo Mens Swim Trunk Mid Length Redondo Solid is protective enough against up to 98% of harmful rays of the sun. although, it can highly repel water to keep the short and your legs dry and avoids irritation. These swim trunks have a spreading network of mesh basket lines to be breathable and comfortable.


For your convenience, our team has searched the best mens swim trunks. This guide surely helps you in choosing the right trunk for your activities.

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