Best Portable Heated Blankets for travel

whether planning for a camping trip on cold nights or mid-summer nights you always need portable heated blankets. As the sun sets and the energy from the day is no more and the chill settles in. After spending time in the cold dark outside the camp, your body needs a cozy and heated blanket to provide warmth. Some of the portable heated blankets can be electric and some are not because you can’t spend the night shivering.

Here are some of the best portable heated blankets so that you spend your camping nights with great comfort and ease.

01. Sojoy health comfort 12V Washable Electric Heated Travel Blanket

Sojoy health comfort 12V Washable Electric Heated Travel Blanket

Sojoy iHealth heated blankets are 100% soft with high-quality flannel to provide you warm heat by keeping you warm on camping nights. These heated blankets offer quick heating and a great source of comfort in cold winters, road trips, camping, or emergencies.

However, they are DC 12V machine washable portable heated blanket is electrically-heated. Simply you can plug in the car’s cigarette lighter socket to charge them. These blankets offer 3 levels of heat control for supplementary levels of heat and comfort. Also fortified with a thermostat to retain constant warmth.

Furthermore, these blankets feature an auto timer with a time adjustment of 30/45/60. They auto-powered off when you have assigned them a specific time. These blankets are perfectly safe to use and never drain your battery.

02. MaxKare Electric portable Heated Blanket

MaxKare Electric portable Heated Blanket

MaxKare blankets are luxuriously silky soft blankets having silky flannels. While other Sherpa velveteen keeps you comfortable and warm.

However, these heated throw blankets are 50*60 inches perfect to cuddles you completely and steadily with a snap button design. Although, it heats rapidly because of 3 optional levels 95-113℉ providing maximum comfort in cold weather.

Like other electric blankets, it also contains an auto-timer after continuous use of 4 hours. So, you never need to worry about shutting it off. It provides overheat protection helping safer use capability of an electric throw blanket.

 Its electric control is detachable so that you can easily machine wash. The fabric materials are super soft and maintain hygiene for these electric heated blankets. This blanket provides warmth as well as versatility. Also, has a long power cable of 9.8 feet making the electric heated blanket free of constraint with a short cable to work effectively.

03. Sable Heated Blanket Electric Throw

Sable Heated Blanket Electric Throw

This heated blanket is soft silky flannel material that provides incredible comfort and powerfully preserves heat. Also, durable enough for many camping trips. You can also remove the controller device for a perfect machine wash. These blankets are super hygienic and ultra-soft for ideal usable for years to come.

However, the power cable of the heating blanket is quite long enough. So, don,t need to stay near the socket and lie in a bumpy position for the blanket to be charged. This portable heated blanket is easy to carry anywhere, and easy to find a comfortable place.

04. Entil Electric Portable Heated Blanket

Entil Electric Portable Heated Blanket

Still has the soft flannel on one side and comfy plush on the other side. This heating twin blanket enables the smooth spread of warming and ensuring a lightweight and warm experience for ideal sleep.

 Although, the suitable heating makes you feel comfortable and lessen the day’s tiredness. It will provide you extra warm and comfortable even watching TV, reading books, chilling, or sleeping.

This twin Size blanket is 62″x 84″ pumps out heat keeping you extra heated, whether in bed or couch. Overheating ensures a safer experience because of 110 Voltage. It can also be connected directly to home powers for a safer charge.

Furthermore, this heated Blanket features 4 heat settings 95-113℉, helping you to found the sweet spot. It also offers the auto-timer for a sound sleep all night long.

05. Sunbeam Electric Heated Throw

Sunbeam Electric Heated Throw

With the Sunbeam heated blankets, you will experience luxurious comfort because of Velvet Plush. This heated throw provides warmth and elegance on cold winter nights. These heated Aspen red blankets measure 50″ x 60″ and are perfectly luxurious, ultra-soft velvet plush with 100% polyester. It also has the adjusting heat for constant warmth. These blankets also offer 3 heat levels with an auto timer of 3-hours. They are also machine washable to maintain hygiene. This heated blanket by Sunbeam was trusted for over 100 years.

06. Vipex Portable Heated Blanket

Vipex Portable Heated Blanket

Vipex is luxuriously soft crafted with premium soft and cozy flannel. This 50” W X 60” L featuring a full-body heating blanket for efficient heat penetration and preservation before cuddling to sleep.

This PTC upgraded heat technology allows the 10 temperature levels ranging from 68-122°F for the perfect warmth. The handy control panel allows quick heatings with a satisfying level of comfort. Vipex heated blankets are comprehensively NTC adopted to prevent overheating. The ETL certification and overheating protection system confirm a safer and better user experience with a Long power cable. This will make the electrically heated blanket restriction-free because of a short cable to work effectively in a wider range.

07. Zircon Electric Portable Heated Blanket

Zircon Electric Portable Heated Blanket

This electric blanket heated by Zircon is specifically designed to deliver maximum comfort to the user also ensuring complete safety. This uniquely featured blanket keeps you well-protected from any health risks that you cause skin irritation due to electric equipment. Moreover, you can take care of this almost like a normal blanket, either for storage or cleaning.

 The electric heat controlling system offers a 6FT long power cable provides so you don’t need to stay near the electric outlets and lie in uncomfortable positions. It provides you a complete rest whether in the bedroom, camping, air mattress, or carpets.

Furthermore, these blankets contain dedicated foot pockets to keep the heat hugging your toes. It will prevent fidgeting and fussing to tuck the heated throw underneath your feet.

08. Lukasa Heated Throw Blanket

Lukasa Heated Throw Blanket

Lukasa is an ultra-soft 100% polyester fleecy micro plush and Sherpa lining in reversible comfort and heat. These blankets are ETL approved and over-heating protection system to ensure safety and heat. It will also prevent overheating because of the auto-timer.

It also offers 5-heat controlling levels for maintaining a perfect comfort level. The controller has an 8.5′ power cable for convenient placements and also possesses an auto-time of 4 hours for safety and power savings with convenience.

 You can easily detach the temperature controller for a perfect machine wash maintain hygienic, soft, and long-lasting nature.

09. GOQOTOMO Electric Heated Blanket

GOQOTOMO Electric Heated Blanket

These are ultra-Soft flannel surface having soft Sherpa linings offers the ultimate softer experience. The inner lining of Sherpa fabric provides efficient heat saturation and preservation for tense muscles and cold stiff bodies.

 This electric portable heated blanket will rapidly heat to the required temperature even within few seconds. Also offers the choice of 3 levels including high, medium, and low to customize the pleasant temperature you need. These blankets are extra-large with 50″x60″ easily covers and wrap your whole body, which is perfect for a nap on the sofa or during a lunch break.

Although more, it also has the 2-hour auto-timer function for safety and energy-saving protection.

10. Pure Enrichment PureRelief Radiance Deluxe Heated Blanket

Pure Enrichment PureRelief Radiance Deluxe Heated Blanket

This buttery silky soft textured blanket makes you feel warm and cozy although a stylish addition to your bedroom decors.

The LCD electric controller provides 10 heat settings ranging from 87-105°F. Plus a sleep-friendly light mode turning the electric controller to turns off after 10 seconds for a better. Also has an auto-timer of 10 hours to conserve energy and to prevent extra energy. This plush electric blanket is machine-washable to maintain the beauty and softness of the blanket.


The portable electric heated blankets hold significance for the trip either a road trip or camping. They keep you perfectly warm and cozy at any temperature to enjoy your trip.

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