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If you are planning for a road trip then a portable travel cooler is a great companion to keep your food and drinks chilled along the journey. Whether you choose a basic model of cool that keeps your lunch or drinks cool that’s quite enough to get the party started. It can be a small mobile refrigerator is the ideal way forward for an amazing short day trip and long nights spent under the stars. 

We have rounded up some of the best portable coolers perfect for your travel with their features for a complete buyer’s guide.

01. Igloo Ice Cube 60 Quart Roller Cooler

Igloo Ice Cube 60 Quart Roller Cooler

The Igloo 60 qtr. Ice cube roller cooler keeps your food and drinks chilled during a trip. This cooler is easy to transport featuring a telescoping, lock handle having an easy grip. This Igloo rolling cooler contains a recessed drain plug designed for placing melted ice. Also features formed side handles allow comfortable transportation and carrying. The blue-colored travel cooler can hold up to 90 cans so that you have the stock for the entire party stocked in a variety of beverages. 

Moreover, it also has two durable wheels for easily rolling’s in transportation. The igloo cooler contains four drink holders on the lid for placing cans on the top. It’s a perfect choice for use, while parties, at family barbecues and camping, and on day trips.

02. Coleman Portable Travel Cooler for Camping

Coleman Portable Travel Cooler for Camping

The Coleman portable travel coolers are high-quality with heavy-duty featuring a charming retro design for a perfect champing. This travel cooler is 54-Quart with the capacity to hold up to 85 cans. 

However, Coleman coolers keep the Ice lining provides 4-day ice retaining in temperatures even higher for 90 degrees Fahrenheit perfect for a camping trip. It gives resistance to rust because of stainless steel hardware. This portable travel cooler offers a comfortable handling grip for convenient transportations and liftings. This cooler is perfectly an ideal selection for a day trip, parties, or even camping trips.

03. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Portable Travel Cooler

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Portable Travel Cooler

The Arctic Zone Titan coolers are zipperless coolers to preserve ice for 3 days. Deep freezing offers high-performance insulation due to radiant heat barriers and 3 layered cold block base for superior cooling.

Although, this travel cooler provides a “flip-open” original zipper less top providing quick access to food and drinks also to the insulated front pocket. The Rhino-Tech outer is tough, water-resistant, and easy to clean.

Furthermore, its interior contains a durable rigid body liner in the smart shelf. These smart shelves keep hard stuff like drinks distinct from soft stuff like sandwiches to prevent their crushes. Besides this, if you want to use the whole liner, the smart shelf is easily removable providing one large compartment.

04. YETI Roadie 24 Cooler, Charcoal Travel Portable cooler

YETI Roadie 24 Cooler, Charcoal Travel Portable cooler

YETI is a taller body than its forerunner so that it can accommodate a typical bottle of wine or 2-liter bottles in an upright position. It is perfect to adjust behind the driver’s or passenger’s seat. This YETI Roadie travel cooler is 10% lighter in weight and holds 20% more than items. It can even accomplish 30% better for heat resistance.

However, the cooler is advanced to be thinner and lighter-weight for easy transportation, while being incredibility tough for perfect protection.

This one-handed cooler with quick latch with flexibility and simplicity for easy carryings. These Roadie 24 keeps 18 cans in a ratio of 2:1 for ice-to-can or can accommodate 24 lbs. of ice. It has dimensions in the length of 16 1/2” × 14 1/2” W × 17 1/2” H.

05. TOURIT Portable Travel Cooler Backpack

TOURIT Portable Travel Cooler Backpack

TOURIT promotes life for fun with a style that chases flexible and multicultural attitude, and continuously assimilate the trend of innovation. This design of travel cooler has the refined quality from the original material to the final products. TOURIT ensures the travel needs with convenience and great comfort for a camping trip.

06. Pelican Elite Portable Travel Cooler Ice chest

Pelican Elite Portable Travel Cooler Ice chest

Pelican Products are protective in emergency and scientific journey equipment for some of the hard conditions on earth since 1976. You will find the same protective sheet in this Pelican Elite Coolers.

These coolers hold high criteria than other portable travel cooler brands. Especially when we talk about durability, performance, and ergonomic design, simply it is the perfect companion for the trips. 

However, the pelican provides extreme ice retention with the press and pull latches. It also has a molded-in lock system because of a stainless steel plate with integrated cup holders. You also don’t need to worry to open the drink bottles due to the built-in bottle opener.

07. ORCA ORCP026 Portable Travel Cooler

ORCA ORCP026 Portable Travel Cooler

26-quart storage accommodations with durability due to Roto-molded construction with integrated insulation for maximum ice/cold retention. It also offers the freshness of stored items for up to 10 days. This lid gasket ensures an ideal seal with extendable flex-grip levers for comfortable carryings. ORCA also contains the cargo net addition for storage with an easy-flow drainage spout.

08. CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag

CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag

The multi-layered travel cooler is leakage proof insulation ended with a sonically welded PEVA for a perfect seal. It doesn’t your typical cooler, but it has a steel wire frame top with a solid base with the snap hinge on each side for a durable cooler structure.

This travel cooler has a steel wireframe on the top of the cooler, a solid base, and a patented SnapHinge on each side, this cooler gives you all the structure you need. This SnapBasket portable Cooler reduces less than 3 inches while folded. So that you can store them anywhere, plus the collapsibility offers a great travel companion. These soft-sided travel coolers save chilled food and drinks in more than 30 cans for a fun journey.

Furthermore, the padded adjusting shoulder straps are durable enough to carry even 30 cans of beverages. Additionally, the handle is easy for quick access for a picnic with friends or family.

09. Super Real Business The #1 Cooler with Speakers

Super Real Business The #1 Cooler with Speakers

The super real stereo cooler with speakers is entirely removable and made for high-quality sound. This cooler contains a full range of 20-watt Bluetooth speakers for a perfect party and an amazing trip.

Although, not all portable travel coolers with speakers works on all kind of devices but super cooler does. Like iPhones, Androids, iPads, and also Tablets that can be connected via Bluetooth including a non-compulsory 3.5MM jack.

It is a rechargeable cooler speaker whose battery lasts for more than 8 hours. However, it is also shock-resistant to provide complete protection to speakers because of high-impact use. This stereo cooler offers hearing for an entire city block because of the sound frequency.

The super radio cooler can also be used to play online music through any radio station via Bluetooth or any playlists.

10. eBags Crew Portable Travel Cooler II

eBags Crew Portable Travel Cooler II

The eBags Crew portable travel cooler is composed of spiral poly fabric and contains a multi-compartment design with web handles. It also has a removable shoulder strap with rear pockets that provides versatile carrying choices. The top compartment is dry features for holding non-perishables, although the separated lower compartment is a perfect selection for holding food and beverages to stay chill. The PVC-free PEVA lining includes an elastic mesh pocket with three front zipper pockets and a drop-bottom water bottle for convenient carryings.


The portable travel coolers are the most convenient carrying for campings. The travel coolers have large and small compartments for keeping lunch and beverages fresh and chill.

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