Best sand proof beach blankets

A beach blanket is specially made for your relaxation and comfort at the beach without the bother of sand sticking to your body or clothes. These beach blankets are sand and waterproof to provide you comfortable place after surfing and playing in the water. The sand-proof beach blankets come in a variety of sizes but are also light in weight and compact. These blankets can also be used during hiking, picnics, or camping plans.

If your family enjoys their time outdoor activity, then a sand proof beach blanket is a perfect choice. Read on to locate some of the best sand proof beach blankets that you can easily buy and some tips to help you in making the right decision.

01. Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket

Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket

This Multipurpose sand-proof beach blanket is an ideal choice for fun-filled days in outdoor activities. Whether you are going to the beach, picnics, or camping. While it is a king-size blanket for family use in lightweight and compact size.

Even when you are at the beach, lakeside or park, so unpack the WEKAPO sand proof beach blanket and anchor filled pockets with sand. So that you can enjoy your day in this large and colorful home base is easy to wash because of durable stuff. A perfect choice for the beach day.

However, this beach blanket is 10‘x9′(300cmX280cm) much 30% larger than any other competing beach/picnic blanket. It is comfortably ideal for 7 adults and weighs about 14 oz. WEKPAO has 6 metal stakes in a pocket for 4 anchor loops so that you will be provided with 2 spare ones in one blanket.

02. Camco Handy Mat for Beaches

Camco Handy Mat for Beaches

Camco was introduced in 1966 with only one employee and one product. Today, more than 40 years later, it has more than 350 employees and over 3,000 products. Also, numerous manufacturing facilities in the USA and even in the world.

This beach blanket is made of strong, weatherproof, and mildew unaffected woven polypropylene weave. But UV stabilized even for long time use. These blankets are easy to clean simply just wipe them off with soap and water. It is light in weight even less than 2 lb. however it is also easy to store because of folding nature into the smaller size with the dimension of 10.5″ x 15″. And the unfolding dimension is 60″ x 78″ for a perfect beach day trip.

It is perfect size beach mat that provides comfortable sitting for 4 adults in a relaxed way. It also has built-in handles for convenient transportation on both sides to store personal items.

03. WELLAX Sand Free Beach Blanket

WELLAX Sand Free Beach Blanket

This multi-purpose beach blanket is 40 % bigger than any other beach blanket.  it is  9′ X 10′ perfect for seven people which means you and your family together enjoy the beach day. However, it is also easy to fold after use even it can easily assemble into your pouch on folding.  So you never need a piece of extra baggage to store the beach blanket.

This nylon fabric, sand, and waterproof each blanket have 4 Sand Pockets to retain your blanket in place even in windy time. Afterward, you merely get the sand out of the pockets without sticking to the inner sand proof material. It is the perfect blanket to keep your mobile phone, keys, and other items completely safe and dry at the beach.

However, it is 9’ x 10’ in extended for but can collapse to 4” x 8” with 16 oz. for a perfect family beach day.

04. KAHUNA Large Beach Blanket Sand proof

KAHUNA Large Beach Blanket Sand proof

The Kahuna parachute blanket is an innovative beach blanket, quite big enough for 5 people. This sand proof beach blanket is the unique sand free blanket for safe, clean ground cover at the beach or parks. It is highly portable, compact, and light in weight for the perfect beach activity.

Although, this sand proof blanket is of superior quality that folds easily into an extremely small pouch. It’s the perfect beach blanket to keep the sand-away either on a camping trip or a picnic plan. It also includes a zippered storage pocket to keep your mobile, keys, and other valuables.

05. POPCHOSE Sand Free Beach Blanket

POPCHOSE Sand Free Beach Blanket

The beach blanket is Parachute Ripstop Polyester provides strong, durable, lightweight, and 100% breathable. So you need not worry for stick sand to the beach blanket and convenient to get off the sand and clean. This picnic blanket is quick drying so you never panic about being wet.

However, this beach blanket contains 5 anchor and 6 ground stakes to help it to be even on the ground on a windy day. It also has a built pocket is with zippers for the safety of your valuables. This sand proof beach blanket is 83” X 78” compact size for 4 adults. Also, it folds to the size 4.5 X 8 perfect to fit in your pouch to carry them easily.

This ultra-compact sand-proof beach blanket is designed with portability in mind for a perfect groundsheet on all occasions. Whether yoga lovers keep it with for exercise at the beach, a family vacation companion, and much more.

06. OCOOPA 10’X 9′ Extra Large Beach Blanket

OCOOPA 10'X 9' Extra Large Beach Blanket

It is king size picnic blanket with measurements of 270*300cm perfect for a family of 8 persons around. This sand proof blanket has four pockets for sand fillings or rocks for the even spread on the ground even on a windy beach day. It is larger in size beach blanket, but light in weight 21oz (600g). Also small enough to carry anywhere easily because of its clip. However, it is superior durable material never stretches or warps over time even after numerous washes. This waterproof, sand-proof offers quick-drying and tear-resistant quality. It is the perfect choice for outdoor beach activities.

07. MIU COLOR Large Waterproof Sand proof Beach Blanket

MIU COLOR Large Waterproof Sand proof Beach Blanket

MIU beach blanket is a classy and attractive checkered design that is fashion-forward and impressive for a family day and friends gathering. It is the perfect companion for hiking, picnic, camping, etc. However, it is 80″*60″ inches oversized beach blanket that provides the accommodation of 2 lying down a person and 4-5 for sittings. Its quite spacious blanket even offers a space for food, drinks, and many more to dine.

This waterproof and sand proof beach blanket contains a polyester bottom in a PVC design, sand proof, and easy to clean. Due to polyester filling it is easy to fold in a compact size of 12.5 x7.5 inches for convenient carryings.

Furthermore, the MIU COLOR picnic mat contains a multi-purpose usage as a beach blanket, beach mat, camping blanket, or even as a throw blanket in case of emergency. It is not only the outdoor blanket but also can be a floor mat, kids playing, and pet seat cover. This is definitely a great gear for every family.

08. Roebury Sand Proof Beach Blanket

Roebury Sand Proof Beach Blanket

It is an oversize blanket of 55″ x 70″ inches perfect for the whole family spending day outside. Roeburry contains durable resistant lining due to this is machine washable. It also wipes clean dirt and stain to main hygiene. It also has padding at the backside for use on grass, sand, and other outdoor surfaces.

While the Phthalates and BPA-free having no chemical smell provide a smooth and soft surface for safe indoor and outdoor use.

It is easy to pack to carry because of easily folding into a lightweight, compact zippered tote bags.

09. ISOPHO Sand Proof Beach Blanket

ISOPHO Sand Proof Beach Blanket

This mat contains 210T polyester to effectively prevent water and scratches from damaging is also sand proof so that you keep yourself safe from sand by slight shaking. It also prevents the sand to stick the mat.

The 79”×83” king-sized beach blanket is comfortable for 3-5 adults. It is also light in weight with a volume of 4.7”x3.2”x6.3” even after folding. But even it weighs only 0.35KG that it can even fit into a small tote bag for easy storage.

Meanwhile, the mat is in ocean green and grey colored patented design with high-quality in appearance and visibility rate. At the same time, the beach mat contains 4 anchors fixings, so you don’t worry about the beach mat causing trouble because of wind and sand to enjoy the day at the beach.

10. UrbanEco Outdoors Lightweight Beach Blanket

UrbanEco Outdoors Lightweight Beach Blanket

This large size thin sheet for the beach can roll into a compact size for perfect storage in its sack. As it is a thin, lightweight, and easily packable blanket causing no tossing problem on the next trip. The large area beach blanket is an ideal outdoor mat for larger families.

These blankets help you to keep yourself clean and dry in the outdoors activities, although don’t provide a 100% waterproof blanket like others but sand proof for an enjoyable beach day.


The sand-proof beach blankets are designed to maintain hygiene and comfort levels even for outdoor activities.  These blankets are the most essential gears to be kept for a beach day to eat and sit together at the beach.

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