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A sewing kit for travel is somewhat everyone should have while traveling especially when you don’t want to throw your shirt away just because of a small tear or a missed button but simply can stitch it up. Whether you’re trying to sew up a hole, making protective face masks, or experimenting with some DIY fashion, the appropriate sewing kit is something you should always have.

Here are the best sewing kits for travel that you can buy with a complete user guide.

01. Coquimbo Sewing Kit

Coquimbo Sewing Kit

Coquimbo sewing kit contains all the essential tools that are mandatory for elementary repairs. It includes needles, threads, scissors, buttons, thimble, threaded tools, joint ripper, and all sewing tackles that can help you to pack everything needed for your use.

However, the box is completely closed for the safety of sewing tools because of the elastic safety bands. This sewing kit for travel is a perfect choice that all you need to makes your life easier.

Its compact design is easy to carry with a style in traveling. Having the Coquimbo sewing kit in your bag, allows you to repair your fabric yourself without worrying about a tailor.

Although, this sewing kit is an amazing partner for a regular traveler, mother, grandmother, backpacker, little girls as well. This kit is correspondingly great for use by both men and women and is definitely somewhat that people will love to use.

02. Embroidex Sewing Kit for Home, Travel & Emergencies

Embroidex Sewing Kit for Home, Travel & Emergencies

This compact-sized sewing kit contains for travel have all the essential tools that are required for sewing purposes includes two thread tools and foldable tape. Everything in the sewing kit is high-quality basic repairs includes scissors, threads (14 spools), a variety of sewing needles, shirt buttons, joint ripper, thimble.

 Embroidex sewing kit for travel contains the most essential and best sewing tools in an organized way. To let your find anything in a glance. With the help of this sewing kit, you can quickly fix the button, repair your shirt in any easy way.

Although, this sewing kit has easy-access to tools with elastic grippers by which they are easy to organize and to find the right tools at the time of need. It also has a scissor with lightweight muslin to cut a thicker cloth, a needle to stitch a variety of clothes, and a seam ripper that helps to pick out stitches unbelievably simple.

This Embroidex sewing kit looks elegant because of PU leather finish in a compact design unlike other sewing kits available in the market. This sewing kit is convenient to carry with a style anywhere. Having these kits makes your life tension free in search of a tailor for basic repairs.

03. Vellostar SEWING KIT

Vellostar SEWING KIT

Vellostar is one of the finest materials with strict quality control sewing it. As it is a space-saving kit in a compact design with a zipper enclosure for the safety of sewing tools.

This sewing Kit protects all the accessories precisely in one place with the elastic protective bands. This kit includes multiple colored threads, large eye needles, buttons, scissors, measuring Tape, threaders, and a seam ripper. It is an ideal choice for traveling purposes for repairing your favorite fabrics.

04. CURMIO Sewing Kit

CURMIO Sewing Kit

CURMIO is a lightweight and compact sewing kit tool. This kit is convenient for your backpacks without consuming too much space for solving the manual work while traveling. This sewing kit is high grade and velvet-like soft material, providing a large u-shaped opener with a zipper for the protection of tools.

Furthermore, the leading section is composed of a removable inner divider for separating the main section into two parts to place the sewing tools. Also, the transparent zipper pocket helps to see the tools inside it.

This sewing kit bag contains 12pcs threads reels, sewing needles, colored pins,  measuring tape, scissors, thimbles, pin cushion, seam ripper, needle threader. All tools in one bag, perfect for a convenient journey.

05. Evergreen Travel Sewing Kit

Evergreen Travel Sewing Kit

The evergreen travel sewing kit is lightweight and has protected-lock elastic bands that keep everything well-organized at all times. Whether you keep it at home, in the glove box, or for travel. It provides durability with portability for a perfect traveling purpose.

This sewing kit for travel is essential that you could ever need perfectly packaged into an attractive compact carrying case. However, this sewing kit for travel will show frequent complaints of cheap, often useless needles, plastic thimbles, and immaterial items. This kit offers high-quality needles imported from Japan, metal thimble, metal crochet hook but the case itself is durable because of sleek faux leather.

06. Marcoon Large Sewing Kit

Marcoon Large Sewing Kit

This sewing kit is made of premium oxford fabric for organizing tools with durability. It can hold up to 200 accessories needed for sewing and repairing. This sewing kit contains 41 thread reels in 5 rainbow reels for a professional sewing kit. The multi-colored thread reels are perfect for regular use and repair. This sewing kit for travel also includes sewing pins, pin cushion, extra buttons, large eye needles, locking stitch markers, sewing clips, hidden buttons, plastic bobbins, plastic needle threader, thimbles, magnifier, measuring tape, scissors, seam ripper, knitting needle, tweezers, crochet hook and fabric pencil for a convent sewing during travel.

 However, this sewing kit bag is 10.2*7.6*1.5 inches but convenient for holding all essential tools in a big and durable case. This compact size kit bag is easy to place into a suitcase, briefcase, office desk drawer, but also in cars. Keep you prepared for hand sewing emergencies and repairs.

This sewing kit is an ideal gift for mothers, grandmothers, and travelers. Perfect for hand sewing, and also for DIY lovers.

07. INSCRAFT 200 Premium Sewing Kit

INSCRAFT 200 Premium Sewing Kit

INSCRAFT sewing kit protects all the essential accessories during travel. This sewing kit contains 5 multicolored thread, 2 size clips, 2 size knitting needles, 10 different size colorful buttons, and 2 needle threaders.

Moreover, it contains 41 high-quality XL thread spools and 5 of them are multicolored thread. These beautiful vibrant colors are perfect for your regular needs. This sewing kit has the compact size of 10.2*7.6*1.5inches for perfect carrying options either in suitcases, briefcase, office desk drawer, or car. Preparing you for any hand sewing emergencies and repairs.

This sewing kit is an amazing gift for Mothers, grandmothers, and also convenient for travelers in their backpacks in a compact size. It is perfect for women and young girls who will definitely love to have these sewing kits for travel.

08. GOANDO Sewing Kit

GOANDO Sewing Kit

GOANDO is a portable sewing kit consisting of an Oxford fabric cover that is quite thick and durable material with a zipper. This ideal sized bag is perfect for placing into suitcases, luggage bags, and cars. However, this tool kit is upgraded from 200 pcs to 206 pcs of sewing kits with an increase in length from 120 to 150.

This sewing kit includes 36 basic colored reels with 5 rainbow color reels perfectly matching the fabric colors. And the sewing kit includes many basic sewing tools, with 2 sizes of stainless steel scissors, 40 color pins, seam rippers, 30 sewing needles, etc. This sewing kit for travel contains all essential sewing tools that could possibly need repairs.

09. SewCraftCook Sewing Kit

SewCraftCook Sewing Kit

Whether you’re a pro at doing some arts or crafting a project or are just have started. This travel sewing kit is ideal for beginners, students, or for emergencies at a wedding. It includes a seam ripper and safety pins, threads, scissors, buttons all in one sewing bag kit for your basic repairs.

This sewing kit has a compact and lightweight case for keeping needles and threads in an organized way. It has hand threads in several colors and hands sewing needles so that you can easily replace buttons or covering up holes.

Although, this convenient sewing kit includes a white, textured vegan leather case with a durable gold metal zipper for safety. It also has elastic band holders for scissors, needles, and thimbles neatly.

10. SEWING GEAR Compact Sewing Kit for Travel

SEWING GEAR Compact Sewing Kit for Travel

This sewing kit is perfect for daily use, travel, or emergency situations. This small case with a secure zipper and strong elastic holders for holding the sewing tools with easy handlings. This kit contains all hand-picked accessories in a 4-ounce mini sewing kit for a perfect basic repair.

However, this sewing kit contains stainless steel scissors, measuring tape, 12 colored threads that have some extra black and whites. Also has 24 needles, 8 small and large safety pins, 6 black & white buttons, 2 needle threaders, 5 colored pins, a seam ripper, and a thimble for emergency repair.


These sewing kits for travel are the perfect companion, during emergency situations. You can easily repair your fabric in travel when you can’t find a tailor for a basic repair.

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