Best Filter water bottles for travel

Fresh and clean water is our daily need. Without filter water, you can get into several problems which can be fatal for you. During travel, we don’t sometimes get clean water and, impure water can bring many diseases. Now you don’t need to worry because some water bottles are best in filter water and enabling for drinking during travel.

Gear inside has searched about some best filter bottles and compiled a list that provides pure water during travel. These filter bottles will kill nearly all the water-borne nasties that are out to ruin your backpacking adventure.

01. Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle

Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle

Embrava water filter bottle is perfect for sportsmen and adventurists who love travel. This slim, travel-friendly bottle helps you enjoy the journey and fulfill your drinking needs with pure water. It provides pure and tasty water as other glass water bottles do, but it has an extra advantage of smash resistant durability. These sports water bottles are completely biodegradable. This bottle helps against the creation of waste compared to disposable plastic bottles. Its spill-proof lid is amazing, just push a button and get purified water. It has made with copolyester plastic which, has the ergonomic design of dust and leakproof lid. Plus, it has a tough carry-strap and a special reflective frosted case that reacts exceptionally to the environment. It looks both stylish and convenient for use. The noteworthy thing is that each bottle comes with a gift box for presenting anyone.

02. AquaVik Portable Water Filter Bottle

AquaVik Portable Water Filter Bottle

AquaVik portable water filter bottle has made with BPA Free Tritan so, you don’t worry about the specific plastic taste or odor. There is an extra straw within the bottle for daily use when the filter is not required, you can detach it with the bottle. This filter can clean 396 gallons of dirty water easily. It is one of the best filter water bottles for travel and, it is a good choice to filter water from a river, rain, stream, or during mountaineering, camping, traveling abroad, outdoor sports, etc. It also helps in improving the taste of tap water and minimize the taste of chlorine. Besides providing clean water its packaging is also eco-friendly which, is best for presenting the gift to your love once on any occasion.

03. Epic Nalgene OG Grande Water Bottle with Filter

Epic Nalgene OG Grande Water Bottle with Filter

Epic Nalgene OG grande filter water bottle provides perfect purified water. It removes contaminating particles like cysts, heavy metals, chemicals & pharmaceuticals. These water filter bottles have made with eco-friendly American brand material which, is safe for everyone. It is the perfect pregnancy water bottle which is BPA free also.

04. Astrea ONE Premium Stainless Steel Filtering Water Bottle

Astrea ONE Premium Stainless Steel Filtering Water Bottle

Astrea stainless steel water filter bottle minimizes the chlorine and odor from water and makes the better taste and improves the water quality. These filter bottles not only reduce chlorine from water but also, minimize the other contaminating substances like lead, pesticides, and harmful hormones that make water impure. You can use this bottle for three months. It has made it with BPA-free plastic and stainless steel material which can hold up to 15 ounces. Its refilling is also easy due to its flip-up lid. You can use it anywhere easily now you will get pure water everywhere.

05. Epic Escape | Glass Water Bottle with Filter

Epic Escape | Glass Water Bottle with Filter

Epic escape borosilicate glass water filter bottle is perfect for water purifiers. Its water absorption removes the contaminated substances from the water and makes it able to drink. It has deep filtration of around 6mm thick which, works better from ordinary bottles. This USA made eco-friendly organic coconut shell-based carbon-fiber mesh filter is organic and BPA free which, has been tested by 3rd party labs. These are the best filter water bottles whether you are using them for tap water or you need a filtered water bottle for travel abroad, this portable water filter is perfect for travel as well. If you are not satisfied with the company’s product then you can get 100% money-back.

06. YHT Filtered Water Bottle with 4-Stage Integrated Filter

YHT Filtered Water Bottle with 4-Stage Integrated Filter

YHT filtered bottles provide purified water after filtration through four stages because these have equipped with four advanced high-performance purifiers that give crystal clear water. A single bottle can purify 650ml water at one use. Plus, it has a straw lid that ​​has made of Tritan copolyester and food-grade silicone suction nozzles. This filtered bottle is 100% leak-proof and odor-free, heat resistant, and durable. It can filter up to 1500L water which, is equivalent to 3000 bottles. The best thing about this bottle is that when you need a new filter, you can easily change it to save money, and no need to buy the bottle again.

YHT water bottle package has two straws. One is for filter straw, and another is a common straw that you can put in with any bottle. It has made with a multifunctional design which provides you more choices to save money. Due to its beautiful appearance and packaging, you can give it as a present. Furthermore, this bottle is lightweight just comprise 22 ounces which, you can carry easily. This versatile bottle can purify lake water, river, spring water, scream, and other water in harsh outdoor conditions. It is the best survival partner outdoors.

07. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles

LifeStraw go water filter bottles are BPA free and best for carrying during travel. Its fiber membrane water filter eliminates the bacteria and protozoa from lakes, streams to certify safe, clean drinking water to you. Its filter reduces odor and chlorine and, makes the water taste better, and removes all deadly particles from the water. It can filter up to 23 ounces of water and make with BPA free Tritan plus it is also leak proof. It removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, protozoan parasites without chemicals, iodine, or batteries.

08. BRITA Fill and serve Water Filter Carafe

BRITA Fill and serve Water Filter Carafe

Brita fills and serves water filter removes the chlorine from water that can make the water smelly and impure. It has made with good quality plastic which is not like ordinary once. It has a BRITA memo that reminds you to change your MicroDisc filter. Approximately every MicroDisc filter works for one month after that, you should change it. It provides fresh water always. These filter water bottles are dishwasher safe as well as best for travel.

09. GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier [+ Filter] Bottle

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier [+ Filter] Bottle

Grayl ultralight purifier bottle is compact and safe for daily use. You can get clean drinking water from almost any freshwater source it can filter it. It is perfect for international travelers, hikers, and any type of trip. Many bacteria, Protozoan Cysts, and contaminated substances make water impure but, the Grayl filter removes all these substances and provides your purifier water everywhere. It is different from other ordinary bottles that filter water and, besides this, they failed to minimize the odor from water. Grayl water bottles filter water, eliminate the odor, and improve the clarity of the water in travel.

10. Baomay Sports Water Bottle

Baomay Sports Water Bottle

Baomay sports water bottle has designed with special texture and scaling in ml and which has made for adults and kids. Its surface is exceptionally frosted and sprayed, which makes the bottle look luminous and looks beautiful after storing water. These water filter bottles are eco-friendly & BPA-Free copolyester plastic. As it is a safe, non-toxic, and tasteless bottle, ensuring the best experience during the drinking water. You can reuse it because it can be recycled after damage. It is a transportable water bottle, and you can carry it everywhere easily. The design of the flip-top water bottle makes it easy for anyone’s use. It has air holes in the bottle that ensures the air pressure in the bottle is normal. Plus, the bottle cap has a safety lock that prevents leakage. This filter bottle is perfect for runners, bikers, hikers, travelers, campers, and outdoor sports.


The best filter bottle ensures you clear and odorless water during travel. I hope this compiled list of the best travel filter water bottles helps you in selecting the best for you.

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