Stylish and elegant travel pouch for jewelry

Girls are always passionate about their travel jewelry and cosmetics, besides this, they also love traveling. But it would be hard to find someone who enjoys packing and unpacking. Because one of the most boring things to do when you are getting ready for dinner or meeting after a long flight is to have to untangle the necklace or other jewelry item, you want to wear.  But the travel pouch for jewelry will keep all of your gems securely well-organized in your luggage bags.

Travel Jewelry pouches are much similar to cosmetic pouches, but they often have separate segments for rings and earrings. Many of them are created with a fabric like suede or velour. Which protects the accessories from scratches, tangling and also keeps them clean and glossy.

Travel Pouch for Jewelry

Some of the elegant, stylish, and spacious travel pouches for jewelry are listed below.

1. BAGSMART Travel Jewelry pouch

BAGSMART Travel Jewelry pouch

Traditional home jewelry box is too heavy and large for traveling in your luggage. The soft pink colored Bagsmart travel jewelry pouch is all you need for organizing your jewelry accessories. It is a well-spaced jewelry pouch with a dimension of LxWxH 23×15 x1.5 cm. However, this travel jewelry pouch has 5 different zones for organizing earrings, bracelets, earrings panel, necklaces. It also has an inner visible zip pouch with a long zip pocket for storing earrings, Rings, Diamond, Brooches, Hairpins avoiding them from tangle by keeping your jewelry well organized.

It is perfectly suitable for a business trip, vacation, and other outdoor activities.

2. Ellis James Designs pouch

Ellis James Designs pouch

A stylish and beautifully designed jewelry travel pouch safely stores and protects your precious jewelry. The travel pouch with the highest rated travel jewelry pouch for women on Amazon as well. This pouch has made of soft-touch quilted Nylon, water-proof padding to protects against accidental collisions or drops.

Ellis James provides ultimate protection to your necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry accessories. This pouch is ideal for travel, everyday use, or even as a gift.

Moreover, the Ellis James jewelry pouch easily stores and organizes your jewelry with protection. Because of having 2 zippered pockets, the larger main storage section for necklaces, rings, bracelets, and watch straps. A travel jewelry pouch is small enough for traveling but matters big for a variety of glamorous jewelry holdings.

This elegant travel pouch for the jewelry comes as a gift box wrapped to maintain standards from Ellis James Designs. Due to this, it can be a perfect gift for every jewelry loving woman.

3. Lily & Drew Travel Jewelry Pouch

Lily & Drew Travel Jewelry Pouch

Lily and drew jewelry pouches are the perfect holiday gift for girls. This jewelry pouch is superior to a hard jewelry box. Easy to fit in your backpacks, carry-on baggage, or your purse. Because of its compact nature, it helps in providing protective storage to your necklaces without tangling.

Moreover, it also has a convenient external zippered pocket for quick access that can even fit a large smartphone.

Lily and drew‘s jewelry pouch with soft velvet material offers extra storage and separates the jewelry with a divider.

The Zippers are tightly closed to ensure the safety of accessories. It is quite a spacious jewelry pouch with 2 inner zipper pockets for bracelets or watches and also it has 6 necklace loops for hanging them with tangling, ring loops, and also 28 ear-rings holes.

4. Vlando Small Travel Jewelry Pouch

Vlando Small Travel Jewelry Pouch

Vlando Macarons Jewelry pouch designed to meet your daily need of jewelry storage and organization with safety. This jewelry pouch has a smart size with lightweight convenience for traveling, Because of the quality deluxe synthetic leather structure.

It also has a large compartment with 2 small removable divisions, designed for organizing jewelry safely. You could also remove these divisions to make it a complete one section for brackets or watches or even lipstick. You can also use them to place different jewelry in the case.

Moreover, it has a zipper closure that is for easy opening and closing of this jewelry pouch. Vlando uses high-quality metal zip for better protection and durability of the pouch.

Vlando travel jewelry pouch has an elastic pocket in the lid of the pouch when opening it. That is convenient to put necklaces and other small jewelry elastic pockets for protection. It is a great jewelry pouch for traveling with durability, safety, and convenience.

5. Jaimie Hanging Jewelry Pouch

Jaimie Hanging Jewelry Pouch

Jaimie is the highest quality Jewelry holder that provides greater protection. This jewelry pouch is heavy duty with honeycomb fabric along with transparent windows that are similar to materials used in travel luggage. Because of this nature, it is extremely strong and tear-resistant. Jaimie is capable of supporting your heaviest pieces of jewelry & accessories in the pouch.

Jaimie Jewelry pouch has a portable design ideal for both home and weekend holidays. However, it has magnetic latch Trifold design folding and a convenient for your jewelry collection with great protection.

Jaimie Travel Jewelry pouch has multiple pockets of different sizes. This pouch is perfect for keeping rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, headbands, earrings, rings, makeup, and more. Pockets line both the front and back of the Jewelry pouch to increase storage.

Jaimie Jewelry pouch protects your precious accessories from scratches and tangling. The durable zippers provide protection and prevent them from falling out.

6. BB Brotrade Hanging Jewelry Pouch

BB Brotrade Hanging Jewelry Pouch

This hanging jewelry pouch will help you to store and display your jewelry with safety and with clear visibility for quick access. BB Brotrade is a Double-sided storage pouch with 56 pockets quite enough for your jewelry collections. You can keep earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hairpins, nail polishes, makeups, toiletries, and other small stuff in it.

However, this jewelry pouch is environmentally friendly. Because of the transparent PVC window with Zippers for the protection of jewelry from falling out and easy to find the accessories.

7. CASE ELEGANCE Vegan Leather Pouch

CASE ELEGANCE Vegan Leather Pouch

The most luxurious travel jewelry pouch that feels and acts like real leather. This pouch can store your rings, bracelets, and necklaces with well designed and protected pockets. This small jewelry pouch is great for trips and office outings ensuring you never miss the perfect occasion for wearing the perfect jewelry with tangling.

Although it has hooks for hanging necklaces, loops for rings and ear-rings, and some zipper pockets for small items brooches, hairpins, and also has elastic pockets for keeping some more jewelry accessories with safety.

8. Teamoy Travel Pouch

Teamoy Travel Pouch

Teamoy jewelry pouch is spacious enough for carrying whatever you need on travel.  This jewelry pouch is strong and sturdy because of its nylon material, light in weight, and easy to clean even with a is a Well-padded semi-flexible pad that provides excellent protection for jewelry and accessories.

This pouch helps to keep all jewelry in one place neatly organized with the rule of no tangle, no loss, no damage. This Double layer designing of travel pouch is ideal for storing your precious accessories like necklaces, chains, rings, earrings, pendants, and more. It can keep your things separate and easy access.

Teamoy Jewelry pouch has special zones for your pieces of jewelry and accessories preventing them from colliding and damage. The detachable divider is adjustable for various needs. However, the transparent zip pockets add extra storage space for the jewelry items.

9. MODUS BAGS Jewelry Organizer

MODUS BAGS Jewelry Organizer

This elegant jewelry travel pouch is something you’ve been searching for. Keeping your treasures safe and well-organized in the most stylish way. This pouch has made of high-quality PU vegan leather with soft suede-like inner creasing. It is well decorated in rose gold hardware. The modus travel pouch is portable, compact, and lightweight that can organize jewelry and protection better than other similar sized cases.

Furthermore, it has 6 types of sections that can organize a large variety of jewelry items including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more keeping them clean and well-protected. This pouch helps in quick access to jewelry because of with 8 flexible sees with zippered pockets.

10. Drawstring Jewelry Pouch by Marisa D’Amico

Drawstring Jewelry Pouch by Marisa D'Amico

This jewelry pouch is nicely designed yet light in weight with durability. A great choice for traveling or even a unique style gift. This pouch has a braided cord drawstring closure with wood bead ends having 6 interior pockets. the bottom padding ensures protection and durability. The drawstring pouch is suitable for placing in the luggage bag during travel or even for a daily office routine.


The jewelry pouch is the greatest protection box one can have for safe and convenient use. The unique packing of jewelry pouch with durability and stylish nature provides extra protection to the jewelry accessories during travel.

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