Top 10 best Chargers for travel

Every device needs the power to run, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or any other small gadget. We have been living in a busy schedule, where sometimes we don’t find time to charge our gadgets properly through the main power supply. Now, this is an era of portable chargers which, are sometimes called power banks that store energy and, we can get power for our devices through these power banks. These small boxes with different USB ports look like not much, but they can store extra power to recharge a laptop as well. If you regularly carry a lot of devices like smartphones, headphone Bluetooth, smartwatch, etc. Then you need the best portable chargers which help your devices to provide charging during travel.

01. USB Charger RAVPower 60W 12A 6-Port

USB Charger RAVPower 60W 12A 6-Port

RAVPower 60W 12A is a 6-port charger that can charge all your devices from a single outlet. It is high quality and reliable portable charger that is consuming all around the world. This compact and safe charging station can provide the charging at a time to six smartphones and tablets at full speed. It has a unique quality that it automatically identifies the connected devices and their requirements. It provides the right amount of power to match your device needs. Plus, it ensures you safe charging along with overcharging, overheating, and short circuit protection. It is considered the best portable charger for travel. Additionally, you get with this portable charger; a 5ft detachable power cord, a user guide book, and 18 months warranty.

02. USB Wall Charger, Anker 60W 6 Port USB Charging Station

USB Wall Charger, Anker 60W 6 Port USB Charging Station

Anker 60W portable travel charger can charge up to six devices at a time. It provides the fastest speed up to 2.4 amps per port with power and VoltageBoost combination. You can recharge your smartphones and tablets easily, without interrupting charging. It has embedded with a MultiProtect safety system and UL certification that ensures complete protection of your device. Anker portable charger has a five ft detachable power cord, extra hook and loop strip, guide book, 18 months warranty, and friendly customer service.

03. [Upgraded] POWERADD Slim 2.1A Output Portable Charger

[Upgraded] POWERADD Slim 2.1A Output Portable Charger

Poweradd slim 2.1A portable charger has a unique and lovely shape that appeals to everyone. This Slim power supply is ultra-slim that has been designed with 3.9, 1.3, and, 1.2-inch sizes. Plus, it is very easy for carrying. This smart power charger detects your device easily and provides up to 1-amp speed. It has made with an ultra-compact and, smart design that is best for travel and considers the best portable chargers. You can put it in your pocket easily. It provides high-speed charging everywhere. It can recharge in 3-4 hours with the 0.8-amp adapter. You can get a USB cable, pouch, welcome guide, 18-month warranty with a portable power supply.

04. Sabrent 60 Watt (12 Amp) 10-Port [UL Certified] Family-Sized Desktop
USB Rapid Charger

Sabrent 60 Watt (12 Amp) 10-Port [UL Certified] Family-Sized Desktop
USB Rapid Charger

Sabrent 60-watt portable charger provides rapid charging which, is best for all types of androids, Apple, and other devices. This USB portable power supply is one of the best, robust and lightweight chargers which, works great at home or during travel. It is the best companion of your devices and, can charge up to four tablets and six smartphones simultaneously. It also protects your device from overcharging. Sabrent can charge your e-reader, Bluetooth headphones, portable speakers, and other devices through this USB cord.

05. iClever BoostCube 2nd Generation 24W Dual USB Wall Charger

iClever BoostCube 2nd Generation 24W Dual USB Wall Charger

iClever BoostCube 2nd generation wall power supply is known as the best chargers for travel. Easily it recognizes your device and provides optimal charging speed up to 2.4A. It considers as the best charger for iPad and iPhones. A dual USB charger allows you to charge your dual devices at a time. Plus, it also keeps saving your devices from overheating, overcharging, overvoltage, and short circuits.

06. POWERADD 2ND Gen Pilot 2GS 10000mAh Power Bank

POWERADD 2ND Gen Pilot 2GS 10000mAh Power Bank

Poweradd 2nd gen Pilot power bank is a dual outputs charger that auto-detects your device and delivers its fast speed up to 2.4A. It has fully recharged in around 5 hours. It is a compact charger which has made with an aluminum body. With its lightweight and durable capability, you can carry it easily anywhere. This compact power bank is safe for use. And it provides you protection from overcharging, short circuit, over-voltage, and current. The USB ports fit firmly during plugging. Its battery LED indicators to show a bright white light. They blink during charging the device and indicate how far in the charging process it is. By appearance, it looks heavy but actually, it is not. It is appealing to the people as the best chargers in the world and fulfills your mobile’s need during travel.

07. TOZO W1 Wireless Charger Thin

TOZO W1 Wireless Charger Thin

Tozo W1 wireless charger is one of the unique portable chargers in the world that is alluring the world during travel. It looks different from normal power banks; the unique quality is that it is wireless. It is around 5mm in thickness & 100mm in width. Tozo W1 charger has made with a simple panel and aviation aluminum. It has built to provide safe charging to your phone and protect your device from short circuits and overheating. Now, you don’t need to carry extra cables with you, it keeps your place organize without extra wires. Its beautiful and attractive lights aware you about when the charger gets ready for charging your device and, it also tells you when your device is fully charged. It can charge all types of devices.

08. Jackery Portable Charger

Jackery Portable Charger

Jackery portable charger had founded in California, 2012. It provides outdoor green power solutions for explorers. It is like a lifesaver of your device in an emergency. Using this charger, you can get emergency information and alerts from mobile or social media. It has a built-in flashlight that lights up the darkness and keeps you safe in darkness, or emergency place, or when a light is required. It delivers high speed that recharges your iPhone XS 2.75 times, iPhone 8 5.2 times, a Galaxy S8 for 3.2 times, or an iPad Air for more than one full charge. Jackery portable charger is the best portable charger in the world that has frequently used during travel. Plus, it provides you safe charging and prevents short circuits and overcharging.

09. INIU Portable Charger

INIU Portable Charger

INIU portable charger has equipped with the latest universal USB C charging standard, working as both input and output. It not only lets you fast refuel the charger but also appropriate for your newest iPhone, Android, and all future USB C devices. After intelligently detecting your devices, it auto-adjusts the output up to 3A. It is lightweight and portable chargers for travel that easily slips into your pocket. It can charge not your phones and tablets but also your small devices like AirPods, Bluetooth, headphones, etc.

10. GETIHU Portable Charger

GETIHU Portable Charger

Getihu delivers the best quality gadgets at an unbeatable price. This portable charger has certified with a Li-on battery with dual protect chips. Intelligently connects with the compatible device and always know how much battery is left with a clear digital display by simply pressing the power button. It provides high-speed charging up to 4.8A. GETIHU 10000 can work with not only all the smartphones but other smaller gadgets like your AirPods, Bluetooth headphone, speaker and smartwatch, etc. It delivers a 100% safe charger and saves your device from overcharging. It considers as the best portable charger during travel. Due to its lightweight material, you can carry it everywhere. With GETIHU power bank, you will get a micro-USB cable, a travel pouch, a user guide book, three years warranty, and lifetime technical support.


The gear inside compiled a list of the ten best portable chargers that charge your devices even during travel. I hope this article helped you a lot to find the best portable charger.

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